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C172RG Club

We offer a rental club pricing model for our customer pilots in our Cessna 172RG aircraft, providing more affordable long-term rental options. Members who join enjoy the lower hourly club rates in our 172RG aircraft, are not subject to long-term rental minimums when using 172RG aircraft, and enjoy 10% off supply and part orders.
Current Club 172RG Rental Rate:  $127.00 per hour
Club Fee Schedule
Initiation Fee
Non-refundable fee paid upon joining the club. Former members returning to the club after leaving in good standing will be subject to half of this fee.
$150.00 upon joining
Administrative Fee
Monthly fee for staff hours and additional maintenance on aircraft.
$40.00 per month
Minimum Monthly Rental
Club members who do not rent club aircraft for an amount of time equal to or exceeding this amount will be charged the difference between actual rental costs and the minimum time on the next billing cycle.
1 Hour each month
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