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Paying For Training

Flight Training
Our customer service staff can answer any questions to help you determine which route is best for your aviation goals.
Many students elect to pay for training after each lesson. The hourly rates below apply to any instruction given on the ground or in-flight. For those utilizing our rental fleet aircraft, these rates are in addition to our aircraft rental rates. Block time and other discounts are available--inquire with our staff for details.
Instruction Rates
$44.00 per hour
$54.00 per hour
Owner Aircraft: If you recieve instruction in owner aircraft, the instruction rate is $54 per hour.
We work with Flight Training Finance as an option to finance your training. Once approved, you just sign and fly. You will make a monthly payment directly to FTF rather than paying per lesson. Click their logo to visit this lender's website to obtain more information. Our staff is available if you have questions.
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